Everyone is welcome to use nahtuh, which is free. We will also share our plans as we develop them. Please let us know what we can do to make it better, we'd really like that. We hope that it will help you get what you are looking for.

Latest Update

(July-28) Yaaay.. you can now create an event with the same event code for 72 hours (3 days).

(July-26) Preview features that will allow you to test interaction between the host and the audience.

(July-19) Easily manage your event:

  • You can now create an event with the same event code for 48 hours.
  • To make things easier for you, all configuration is auto-saved.
  • The result will be saved and you can re-download the result at anytime after the event finished.
  • You can easily duplicate an event to make similar one.

The template now includes the following features:

  • Start a public template directly each time you use it.
  • Change the settings and save them as a new event.
  • Make a private template by copying one.
  • Export a previously created event as a new private or public template.


  • Throughout the event, all participants are welcome to participate in Q&A. As a result, any participant may ask a question at any time during the event, and other participants may vote it up. It enables the presenter to respond to the most frequently asked question first, rather than sequentially.
  • During the session, the joining QR code is displayed on the host screen.

(July-19) Pop-Quiz:

  • Allow participants to reconnect after being disconnected.


  • Integrate nahtuh with Microsoft Teams and Zoom, allowing you to use the nahtuh within those platforms.
  • A full-featured online whiteboard that can be used to effectively collaborate is a new major app that is being developed.

Further Plan

We intend to provide more fun and cool planning poker apps to assist developers when estimating tasks.

We intend to give you a score that indicates how interactive your online session was. This will assist the host in improving future events.

Redesign the lobby (joining screen) to display a larger QR Code


  • (July-12) Fixed bugs: [Matching Pairs] Apps getting slows in iOS