About gohybrid


Thank you for coming, my name is Ahmad. I have worked for ecomindo for over a decade. Two weeks before the pandemic, we realized that the pandemic would last a long time and things wouldn't be the same again after it ended. So we decided to change everything to allow for full remote work during the pandemic and hybrid work after it was over. We discovered that some tasks can be completed more efficiently online. As a result, our company's productivity and revenue are increasing significantly during the pandemic. That's fantastic, but we know it's only the beginning of a much larger journey.

During that time, we discovered that we needed to improve team member engagement. During an online meeting, most people turn off the camera and mute the microphone. They only use the microphone when they need to speak and then turn it off again. There is less laughter and interruption. In a traditional meeting, we have a brief conversation while waiting for others to enter the room. It aids in our getting to know one another. However, in an online meeting, people kept quiet and no small talk occurred.

So, we built nahtuh.com. The goal is to make online collaboration more enjoyable. We can play icebreaker games to get everyone pumped up. We gathered real-time feedback from hundreds of people through online Q&A and polling. We also play some fun quizzes and give them small gifts to test people's comprehension while also getting them excited.

After all, we decided to allow others to use the app as well. We are constantly striving to improve the features. We are excited to see how this app can bring happiness to its users. Nahtuh elicits laughter and excitement, which increases audience participation.

So I started this blog to tell the story of our journey. An ongoing quest to find a fun way to collaborate with our team. Everyone is welcome to use nahtuh, which is free. We will also share our plans as we develop them. Please let us know what we can do to make it better, we'd really like that. We hope that it will help you get what you are looking for. You can also subscribe to get an email newsletter about new content when it's available.

And yes, I'm also thinking about making a tiktok next to this blog 😀 Let's see if it's a good idea.

Thank you very much;
and don't forget to have fun